On September 21, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law, an even that changed millions of Filipino lives. Under the pretext of the attempt to assassinate the Defence Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile (that time) and an ensuing Communist insurgency, President Ferdinand Marcos enacted the proclamation that he might be able to rule by Military Power.

He initially signed the Proclamation on September 17, 1972, but it was postdated to September 21 because of his superstitions and numerological beliefs that were related to the number seven. Marcos then formally announced Martial Law in a live television and radio broadcast from Malacañang Palace a further two days later on the evening of 23 September 1972.

The following year, President Ferdinand Marcos replaced the 1935 Constitution with a new one that changed the system of government from a presidential to a parliamentary one, with himself remaining in power as both head of state (with the title “President”) and head of government (titled “Prime Minister”).

President Marcos formally lifted Martial Law on 17 January 1981, several weeks before the first pastoral visit of Pope John Paul II to the Philippines for the beatification of Lorenzo Ruiz.

In an article written by Marcus V of Kicker Daily, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago said, “she believes President Ferdinand Marcos only declared martial law to BENEFIT the FILIPINO people and the COUNTRY.”



Please watch this from start to finish it will take you a couple of hours. But it’s worth it and it’s very informative.

What can you say about the speech of President Ferdinand E. Marcos? Who tells the truth?

•He said Cardinal Sin told him that he has no intension in interfering about Government Issue! Now what did he do in EDSA? Did Sin really “sinned”?

•He said he did not declare martial Law by himself but he consulted the higher court and other government sectors!

Q: Why ask for rent For the U.S bases?

He said to the United States that the U.S if we look back in time all the damage they cause during the WWII they still have not yet paid the damage cause by the War by the American! We lost a Million men! 75% percent of the Philippines was devastated he said we made the Fighting for you!

•They said FEM is not a Veteran Hero & All of his Medal is Fake well they said he was a war hero even the 4 star general Omar Bradley meet him he saluted him!

•By the way he talk he is very firm even in U.S Government you can see that he don’t care or he is not afraid of the U.S administration he is not a puppet! He has dignity and the will to decide for his people!

•He said they have been accused because one of the priest went missing that even he’s best intelligence men could not find the said man & after 6moths they learned that he was in Germany with a Nun! good gracious me what a shame!

•Now you decide if he is wrong or right! Shame we lost a good President! The greatest ever! Learn from the past let us not make the same mistake again!



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