Dear Stephen Villena of UPLB,

I get it. You’re very intelligent. You are part of that small crowd that are able to enter the UP system. In street language “isa kang Iskolar ng Bayan.”

And I am glad you have the courage to come out and ask questions during a public forum. That takes a lot of “tapang” to harass a presidential aspirant with so many of your colleagues around to protect you.

Be that as it may, I hope your parents are as proud of you as you are of yourself. Because if I was your Dad, you would be in a heap of trouble young man.

Were you not taught to listen to the answer first after asking a question before saying anything. If you think your time is precious guess how precious it is for everybody else around you.

You, Mr. Villena are a prime sample of what is wrong with the youth today. Opinionated without knowledge, entitled without wealth, dependent but demanding. You think the world revolves around you and when it does not you throw a tantrum.

Let me put this on your table to think about after all of this blows over and no one remembers you anymore.

They will remember you!

But not for the intelligent boy who dared a presidential aspirant, no sir!

When you apply for a job, they will remember you as the arrogant young man who wanted to embarrass a public figure in public. No one wants that kind of an employee.

When you apply for a visa and you are denied. Because no country wants someone with your attitude in their community.

When you apply for higher learning in a private institution and you are not accepted because you might be trouble.

When you want to join organizations but are refused because of your past.

It all catches up with us Stephen my man. What you do today and how people read it will affect your tomorrow. And you just showed everyone you are trouble.

Oh, I know you are proud of it. I was in my time. You see I was trouble in my youth. Five miles away and people pack up as I get near. I promise you, you do not want what I went through.

So while young, while early try to fix that mistake.

It is alright to be confident.

It is embarrassing to be ARROGANT.

Your Senior in UP,




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