by Liezel Salera

Whoa. Is it really true? Did Mayor ‪‎Duterte‬ really order our taxi drivers to make sure female passengers get inside the house before they can leave?

Here is my Duterte story:

I just got home. 12:08am to be exact. I am using a different bag so it took me a long time to search for my keys. I did a quick glance to my side and I saw that the taxi I rode is still where the driver dropped me off.

The driver’s head was angled towards me. I then remember reading a long ‪My Duterte Story‬ post about a girl who noticed that taxi drivers usually delay leaving until she enters their gate when going home late at night (especially when she goes home drunk).

When she cared to ask one driver about this observation, the driver said that it was under Mayor’s orders that they make sure that lady passengers enter their homes safely before they leave, both for the security of the passenger and themselves, lest something happens and they become accountable because of their neglect.

I didn’t really give it much thought, but tonight, I tried testing it. A few seconds more until I found my keys, I moved to a more shaded part of our gate (our side gate is obstructed by a lot of plants) where I was hidden in the shadows. When I wasn’t visible anymore by the street light, the driver then turned back to his steering wheel and drove off.

I’ll try to check this again next time when I go home late via a cab. But if this is really a rule that is followed by ‪‎Davao City‬ ‪‎taxi drivers‬, then, wow!

What a great time to thrive in the city where life is! I can focus on being a productive career woman without worrying about spending late nights in the office.

But, work-life balance is a different story. Haha! Anyways, I love my job and I feel inspired coming to work everyday.




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