by Joanna Allas-Fojas‎


7000MHZ ang pinagaagawan ng Globe at Smart. Dahil eto ang frequency na kayang magdala ng high-speed data connection for short mobile internet.

But this frequency is has already been allocated to liberty communications. But now owned by San Miguel Corporation. But doesn’t have the technology and capital to utilize it.

So, here come TELSTRA. Talks between San Miguel Corporation and Telstra to jointly open the fastest internet provider in the Philippines.

But the current political environment was not stable specially at the start DOTC was headed then Roxas. That is why Cojuanco took Poe to run so ensure his interest. Everything was doing fine but when the constitution was killed.

And unrest started against Poe.

And Duterte was soaring high already threatening the lead of Poe. Telstra realized Cojuanco isn’t offering anything at all.

They stopped the talk.

Now Poe must win. To get TELSTRA back to the table again.

Duterte in Davao Day declared that he will open up mobile internet.

Unlike those before him who succumb to corruption just so that San Miguel/ Liberty communications retain the 700MHZ band.

Duterte will open the band and distribute the frequency probably to Smart, Globe and may even let entry of a foreign player just to destroy the monopoly of the telecoms industry for better and faster service!



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