The VOICE of the OFWs!
by Riza Estores-Estocada

If traveling to another country opens your mind, living in another country opens your eyes. Why?

Because the more you stay longer in a foreign country, the more you see the differences from your home country. The more you experience the security, comfort and convenience offered by another country, the more you long for your country to be the same. The more you long for it, the more you become desperate for your country’s change.

In the past presidential elections, the voice of OFWs was not that loud. Why?

Because we couldn’t find a candidate that we are so sure of. Yes, some of us may have our favorite candidate in the past, but we were not so passionate about it than now.

When Mayor Rodrigo Duterte decided to run for President, suddenly the voice of the OFW became loud.

Why this sudden change?

Why this sudden passion to campaign for a candidate?

BECAUSE WE ARE DESPERATE FOR A CHANGE! Not just longing for a change but DESPERATE for a CHANGE and we found someone who can do it for us!

Every time I take a taxi, I always hear this story from old drivers, they would usually tell me how when Korea was still struggling in the past, they always looked up to our country as their goal. They said that they are always grateful to the Philippines because during the time of their need, our country sent help and even taught their farmers how to plant rice.

Then they would always end their story with this question, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR COUNTRY?

I just bow my head in shame. I am glad that our country helped them, yet I am ashamed because their question would hit me to the core. What happened to my country?

Living in a foreign country made me see how far we are left behind and that is too painful. If you are in the Philippines now and you are desperate for a change, how much more for us living outside Philippines who have seen and experience the benefits of a progressive country?

Some people may think our lives are easier, our lives are more comfortable and convenient and our wallets fatter. That’s just what you think! Do you think leaving your families behind makes you happy?

Do you think missing your children grow and you cannot even be there during significant stages of their lives makes you happy?

Do you think being treated like a lower being because you come from a poor country makes you happy?

OFWS can never be fully happy. No matter how comfortable we are in another country, we always long to be home. But, we have no choice. Our only choice is to be here so we can provide security and comfort to our families back home because our own GOVERNMENT cannot provide that to us. I believe that to change a country, we should also change ourselves.

However, a government has the biggest power to change our country and these dirty politicians have done nothing but make their pockets deeper while ordinary citizens suffer.

Are you satisfied with our country now because our current government claimed our GDP increased?

Thank you for that increase but what we Filipinos want now is a change that can be felt by not only the rich but by ordinary Filipinos.

Can we walk in security without fear of someone grabbing our purse or pointing a knife or gun?

Can we be assured that when our kids would grow up, no one will pressure them to take and buy illegal drugs?

We are not asking for magic here. We are aware of reality. We are aware that we ourselves need to change in order to help our country, but we also know that a leader can do so much to his country and if he truly has a heart for his people, even if he commits mistakes from time to time, he will always put the Filipinos first.


Look around our country now, is it getting better or is it getting worse?

The OFWs, even if we are not there knows it is getting WORSE.

If it has gotten better, a lot of OFWs have been back by now. But why are there more leaving the country than going back to their country?

Why are there lots of Filipinos who chose to be illegally staying here in South Korea than go home?

Because they know they can provide better for their families if they stay here despite the fear and risk of being caught. Every time we go home, we are always shock with the rapid increase of prices but the salary remains the same as when we left the country years ago.

Crimes are alarmingly increasing!

We don’t believe in statistics anymore!

We don’t need statistics to see reality. We want action and we are tired of the same color of politicians. We found someone whom we could put our trust to change our country.

We found someone who has the leadership to change our country.

We found someone who can bring change.

We found some and we are afraid this might be our last chance to find someone like him.

Therefore, with a voice full of passion we shout, “WE are for Rodrigo Duterte for PRESIDENT.”

This is the voice of the OFWs!

Please share this and let our voices be heard!



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