by Charmavirlou A. Armonia

Here’s my take on the 2nd series of ‪‎Pilipinas Debates 2016‬:

Technically, he is correct. He is presumed innocent unless guilty. But I still believe he corrupted money. As with the 1st debate, he is insignificant.

Intelligent, yes. Yung tipong nag-aaral ng mabuti before the exams. But when thrown with real-life scenario like the question of Mayor ‪Duterte‬, she is just NOT yet ready. And there’s the anomalous citizenship issue.

The more he speaks, the more it boomerangs to him; and the more it proves na wala siyang alam. Plus he definitely cannot handle stress! If I were wrongly accused of plagiarising somebody’s plans on national TV, I would definitely defend my innocence! However, he was caught off-guard by Duterte’s kind of justice — brutally frank.

I was disappointed he was too soft on the citizenship issue thrown to Poe and Yolanda issue to Mar. But then, this guy definitely commands RESPECT and LEADERSHIP!!

Di nyo ba napansin, the 3 presidentiables were grilling and throwing mud at each other but di nila nagawa kay Mayor Duterte?

Infact, everytime he speaks, the three concurred to his statements, even adding their own version. Mar attempted to grill him on the crime issue but Poe and Binay sided with him and we all know what happened after. And need I say Binay did not raise a question to Mayor and Poe defended Mayor about the puppet issue?

Kudos to TV5 for a better format and to Ms. Luchi as better moderator (although she was obviously pro-Mar, but that’s another story). The behind the scenes were great also, it gave us a wholistic picture. The TV ads though killed the 2nd debate series again.

MY VERDICT: Duterte is the runaway WINNER, no doubt about it. He CAN and will DELIVER.


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