by Iyyah Sinarimbo

I am of Iranun and Maguindanaon descent born and raised in Mindanao. This is my response to your answer to Sen. Poe’s question.

You said that, as DILG Secretary, you did your best to help those who were caught in between the chaos that was the Zamboanga siege in September 2013.

You said that the AFP and the PNP were successful in winning against the “mga Muslim na mananakop”.

As a Muslim, I would like to speak in behalf of all of the Muslims in the Philippines.

First of all, you’ve been doing a great job proving every citizen of the Philippines that you are not only an incompetent leader, but also an ignorant person masquerading as the Philippines’ salvation.

Clearly, you know nothing about the true meaning of being a Muslim and the true essence of Islam for you to easily generalize the people part of the community. I will not waste my time explaining the core of our beliefs and religion to you because you are not worthy of enlightenment.

However, I will take this opportunity to teach you about the untold history of Mindanao. Did you know that when the Spaniards came to the Philippines and colonized the country, Mindanao remained unconquered because of the Datus who valiantly fought and rebelled against the Spaniards and customs they wished to impose on the Mindanaons?

We were displaced and marginalized after the decline of the Sulu Sultanate. At present, we are being discriminated and feared because of the false notion that we, Muslims, find joy and satisfaction in terrorizing and killing people.

Mr. Roxas, in truth, us Muslims are peace loving people.

Violence is against the teachings of Islam. But, it is innate in all of us humans, to defend ourselves and take arms after years of being trampled upon and abused.

It is only human to clamor for freedom and independence after years of injustices from the government that promised to help and protect its people.

We are not terrorists.

We are the victims and I fear will remain the victims as long as people like you desire to lead our country.

If you truly want to right what was wrong, include the JABIDAH MASSACRE in our history books.

Teach the younger generation about how one by one, during Marcos’ reign, the sultanates all over Mindanao started to disappear because the datus were killed.

Do not erase us from history.






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