by Jem Birkner

He’s not perfect. But I choose him to be our leader.

He gets things done; he’s a simple man with strong convictions.

He is a man with vision, but he also needs good people to support that vision.

He won’t and can’t do it alone.

It will take the whole country to change a system, if we choose to abide and choose to innovate.

Change doesn’t work with just one man.

Don’t see him as your saviour, but let him inspire you to be a better Filipino.

He’s not the cup of tea of the elite, but he has inspired the common man & majority of the masses to mobilize and unite worldwide without shelling out his own money.

His speech and delivery may not pass as being “Presidentiable” to many, but his standards are higher than they perceive.

He will need prayers and a strong team to back up his plans; we need to elect people who hold the same values as he does.

Only we can decide our fate, only we can choose our actions, let him set that pace, let him lay down the precedent, let him inspire us to improve.

Let’s change our “bahala na” culture, let’s hope that his political rivals would unite with him even after the elections, this is for the future of our children.

Let’s educate the ignorant; let’s show more compassion.

Let’s use technology to improve our system, let’s be one again despite the cultural diversity.

Let’s see the Philippines beyond our backyard.

We’re a Nation of 1,107 islands, don’t be selfish, other people need progress as well.

He might just be the last card.

I am a proud Filipino. I am for Federalism.



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