by John R. Petalcorin

QUESTION: Did Marcos sanction Operation Merdeka / Jabidah?

ANSWER: In my analysis, I would say NO. Marcos was known to be very generous in his special Military operations. If it was sanctioned by Marcos, a highly patriotic covert military operation like Operation Merdeka should have been sufficiently funded.

We are newly inclined to believing that Operation Merdeka and Jabidah Massacre was a covert plan initiated by a mid-level Military officer in connivance with Senator Ninoy Aquino and Malaysia, without the knowledge of Marcos.

One survivor who ended up revealing secrets in the office of Ninoy was not a random event – it appears it was all planned. Marcos never knew about it until Senator Ninoy Aquino exposed the revelation of the one and only survivor.

It was Ninoy who used those Tausugs killed in Jabidah Massacre for his personal political mileage against Marcos; and Ninoy also used his bloodied hands to show proof that he will do anything to please the interest of his partner (Malaysia).


QUESTION: Sir John, the MNLF celebrates its anniversary during 28th of March which coincides with Jabidah Massacre. Was MNLF established in March 28, 1968?

ANSWER: The date 28 March 1968 is the date Sen. Ninoy Aquino delivered a speech in Senate about his expose on the Jabidah Massacre. Jabidah Massacre, if it really happened, probably took place around within one year before 28 March 1968.

Actually, nobody knows the date of the Jabidah Massacre, not even the witnesses could tell the exact date, a strange anomaly that put cloud on the existence of that massacre. MNLF was not established in 28 March 1968.

After Ninoy delivered the Jabidah Expose in 28 of March 1968, he recruited (financially backed up by Malaysia) young professional activists in U.P. (Misuari and Joma Sison) to establish and start operating the two insurgency fronts (CPP/NPA and MNLF). At time when Ninoy recruited them, Sison and Misuari were both leaders of an activist group called “Makabayan”.

1965 una naging President si Marcos. 1968 yung Jabidah expose speech ni Senator Ninoy Aquino, so barely three years pa lang si Marcos naka-upo Presidente.

Martial Law was Sept 1972. Even before Martial Law, Ninoy was already a prominent anti-Marcos Senator. Ninoy was the primary agent of the creation of CPP-NPA and MNLF. The havoc of the two insurgency movements caused the government to react appropriately, leading to the declaration of Martial Law.

So, in my opinion, if you say Martial Law is evil, I think it would be fair to say that the CPP and MNLF, which has cause of martial law, is also evil. Ninoy was the one who created CPP-NPA and MNLF. Kung walang CPP-NPA and MNLF, most probably walang Martial Law. So it has to be Ninoy who is to be blamed for the Martial Law.


Ang existence and date ng Jabidah Massacre ay hindi na debatehan at naimbistigahan ng maayos. Ako lang, personally, ang question ko dyan eh ang survivor ay nabaril sa tuhod, sugatan, tapos walang ten days ay nag speech na agad si Ninoy sa Senate?

So lumalabas na fresh na fresh pa ang wound niya eh naka-connect na agad siya kay Ninoy?

Rationally, pag naka-takas at naka survive ka sa ganyang trauma, normally magtatago ka muna, magpagaling, and it will take sufficient time kung kanino ka lalapit for help.

At sa lahat na lalapitan ng Muslim na survivor ay politiko pa na Christian, wierd.

Nakuhanan ba ng statement yung fisherman na nakasungkit sa survivor sa dagat?

May medical record ba kung saan dinala ng fisherman ang survivor?

Ang daming lapses sa investigation kasi wala sa custody ng gobyerno ang witness survivor.

2008 yata namatay yung survivor. Hindi man lang nakunan ng statement. Hindi na-interview thoroughly. Walang corroborating statement yung story ng survivor kasi non-existing yung fisherman na nakapulot sa kanya, walang hospital or doctor na maka testify na dinala sa kanila ang nabaril na patient. Hindi na cross examine ang survivor dahil itinago ng mga Aquino.


Maas was duped by the Aquinos many times, you know that. Kasama talaga si Maas sa anomaly na yan, pero his participation was more on an innocent participant, niloko siya si Ninoy, pinaglaruan ni Ninoy emotion ng 29 year old Nur Misuari by deceiving him about Jabidah Massacre.


Not a single one next of kin of the alleged 200 victims of Jabidah Massacre got any just compensation from the billions of pesos the Aquino-Malaysia Regime recently paid out to human rights victims during the Marcos presidency.


200 is a lot of people, it may be easy to hide their dead bodies, but it is impossible to hide their identities, families, and other proof of their existence.

But why don’t they have names, no family, no claim filed?

Do they really exist?

Misuari has answer to this mystery that may cause the revelation of the true color of Ninoy.

A corruptible mainstream mass media companies/journalists that is fed with a huge amount of money by a conspiracy of a foreign nation and local politician have created havoc against this nation.

Ninoy’s manipulation will not excuse Marcos for committing government atrocities in reaction to Ninoy’s atrocities. They are both liable, but Ninoy and Malaysia, being the originator of the inappropriate cause, has heavier liability.


The Military is a long chain of command, simula sa Commander-in-Chief (the President) pababa sa 2nd Lt sa platoon level. Napaka-dami ring units ang Military. Kahit sino pa Presidente, meron talagang officer dyan na somewhere in the middle of the chain of command na mag traydor, gagawa ng operations na walang sanction ng Presidente.

1968 yung Jabidah massacre, wala pang martial law noong panahong yun. Sa pag-aaral ko sa military record ng Jabidah, lumalabas na walang direct link si Major Abdul Latif Martelino and si Ferdinand Marcos.

Although merong resources na nagagamit si Martelino para sa Operation Merdeka, hindi sapat ang resources para ma conclude na merong hand si Marcos sa pag plano ng operation. Walang kamalay-malay si marcos sa operation Merdeka ni Martelino. Si Ninoy, isang Senador, ang may hand sa pag plano ng whose set-up ng Operation Merdeka.

Yong si Major Martelino, before pa naging President si Marcos, siya na supplier ng information sa mga kalaban ni Marcos. Anti-Marcos yan si Martelino na opisyal ng military.

Bagong upo pa lang si marcos 1965, hindi agad natanggal yang si Martelino, so noong shaky na position niya, nangyari na ang Merdeka sometime before March 1968. Eto quote ko words ni Ninoy about Martelino:

“He was a top man of Defense Secretary Macario Peralta, supplying the Liberals with supposedly “damaging” items against then presidential challenger Ferdinand E. Marcos as Mr. Marcos and Mr. Macapagal battled for the people’s will and votes in the 1965 elections. When it was all over, with Mr. Marcos the victor and Mr. Macapagal toppled, Major Martelino surfaced as Mr. Marcos’ top political double agent. ” (Sen Ninoy Aquino, speech in Senate March 28, 1968)


Wala pa po Martial Law in 1968. At saka hindi intelligence officer yung si Major Martelino na ulo ng Operation Merdeka. Si Major Martelino ay anti-Marcos and he sells military information to the enemies of Marcos even before the 1965 elections.

In 1965, Marcos first became President, barely 3 years in office, he was not able to detect yet the activities of Martelino. So, etong si Martelino, alam niya na matatanggal siya sa position, gumawa na ng paraan at nakipag kontsaba kay Ninoy-Malaysia para gumawa ng scenario para sa ikasisira ni Marcos.

Si Marcos ay merong ibang legit na operation to recover Sabah na kompleto ang pondo, pero hindi etong Operation Merdeka/Jabidah Massacre.


QUESTION: Sir John, in your statement that Marcos was innocent of Operation Merdeka/Jabidah, do you negate the fact that Marcos was planning to invade Sabah?

ANSWER: No, I don’t negate the fact that Marcos was planning to militarily recover Sabah. Marcos policy to militarily recover Sabah was not a secret, it was known to the general public via Marcos’ pronouncement even before Operation Jabiddah happened. What I am saying is Marcos had his own operation that is not the Operation Merdeka. In my analysis, there were two Sabah Recovery Operations that existed in 1968. Marcos had his own Operation (we didn’t know the name of the Operation). Another Operation is the Merdeka/Jabidah of NINOY AQUINO.

I am the Special Operations Director in this Sabah Recovery Project of the MNLF, so I am trying to explain a very deep tactical aspect and you have to listen to me very carefully. Let me tell you, we cannot use Muslims in any PH Armed operation to invade and recover Sabah because Muslims don’t kill fellow Muslims (Malaysians). Following this same logic, I don’t think Marcos’s Operation would have used any Muslim or Tausug.

To demonstrate it even further, let me put you at present perspective about the dichotomy of operations, one being the original and the other being the fake. Similar to the Operation Merdeka/Jabidah is the the Lahad Datu Incursion (remember in March 2013 by the Kirams), it is the fake Sabah Recovery Project, and it was launched by Malaysia in cooperation with the Kirams to show that any move of the PH to recover Sabah would be very ugly and successful, and the PNoy Aquino administration also cooperated by making a policy that the incursionists must surrender to the Malaysians without condition.

In the past, Marcos’ Sabah Recovery Project existed, and it’s fake ugly version is the Operation Merdeca/Jabidah of Ninoy Aquino. At present, Misuari’s Sabah Recovery Project exists, and its fake ugly version is the Kiram’s Lahad Datu Incursion of March 2013. The tactical objective of the fake is to make things ugly, to depopularize, and to discourage the original operation.


QUESTION: Sir John, as Special Operations Director of MNLF’s Sabah Recovery Project, what would you do if your covert operatives will write a complaint letter to Misuari alleging that they are not fed well, not compensated well, maltreated, and that they have changed their mind about their enthusiasm in the mission? Would you kill them? Do you think Misuari will ask you to kill them like what Marcos did to Jabidah Massacre?

ANSWER: If that happens, I will simply ask the complaining operatives to resign. There is no logical reason to hurt them. I think Marcos is similarly logical as I am, so I would not believe if you tell me that Marcos would order the killing of any whining operative, there is no reason to do so. If you tell me that Marcos ordered the killing to cover up a secret operation, I would laugh to my heart’s maximum content because it was not a secret that Marcos wants to militarily invade Sabah.

In sanctioned operations, the lead operative must always inform the boss of any relevant occurrence in the planning stage. If Marcos sanctioned Operation Merdeka, Major Martelino should have informed Marcos about the complaint of the operatives. In the case at hand, it appears to me that Major Martelino has a rogue covert operation that has no imprimatur of Marcos.



QUESTION: Sir John, on 21st August 21, 1971, the Liberal Party of Ninoy Aquino had their grand launching of political campaign kick-off rally. There were two huge two huge explosions rocked the rally as fragmentation grenades were hurled into the crowd by unknown assailants which killed eight and injured 120. In your opinion, who do you think did the acts of terror?

ANSWER: Always observe the ends if you want to determine the means. Given the fact that Ninoy Aquino himself was not in attendance and that the end was Ninoy immediately accused Marcos’s Nacionalistas Party of being behind the attack, I think it was Ninoy who did it.


We have hated Ferdinand Marcos because Ninoy deceived us into believing his imaginary Jabidah massacre. The hate has pushed us to rebellion and in response has forced Marcos to declare Martial law, that caused the deaths of over 200,000 Filipinos, over a million wounded, and over 5 million displaced. These suffering happened because we lacked due-diligence in validating the Jabidah Massacre story of Ninoy.

We MNLF owe Bongbong Marcos and his family an apology and we promise, we will carry the coffin of President Ferdinand Marcos and bury him in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.



QUESTION: Sir John, did Ninoy Aquino left PH on exile to USA and returned to PH using different name with “counterfeit” Passport? Why did he pass through Kuala Lumpur from Boston to PH in 1983.

ANSWER: PH Govt revokes and cannot issue PH Passport to persons convicted of TREASON, like for example Ninoy Aquino. The passport he used to enter PH under the name Marcial Bonifacio was not the counterfeit PH Passport (the one fabricated by someone with a Muslim-sounding name I forgot the name), but a genuine Malaysian Passport.

From US, he smoothly entered Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, of course with a genuine Malaysian Passport, not with a counterfeit PH Passport (it would have been repeatedly risky for a counterfeit PH passport to be used in entering these several nations). The story about Ninoy’s counterfeit PH Passport was highlighted to cover-up the existence of his Malaysian Passport.

Noong araw, wala pang Dual Citizen sa Pilipinas. 2003 lang nagsimula ang Dual Citizenship Act of the PH. In the practice of due-diligence, Passport is the standard universal documentary proof of citizenship.

Ninoy Aquino was not a Filipino citizen when he died; he was a Malaysian citizen. His passport and other personal belongings disappeared when he died (personal items of the deceased are usually in the hands of the family).

He had to pass through KL Malaysia before returning to PH to make Last Will and Testament with his bank account in KL Malaysia. That bank account was how Malaysia pays Ninoy his Treason Fee and also his under-the-table collection for Malaysia’s stealing of Sabah. The same bank account, that I call the TREASON FUND, funded the formation of MNLF-MIM and CPP-NPA in 1969, funded EDSA-1, even EDSA-2, and in building the Aquino-Cojuanco political and business empire in the PH.

Hanggang ngayon, ang kamandag nyang Ninoy Treason Fund ay patuloy na ginagamit at pumipinsala sa Pilipinas. Kayang bilhin nyan ang mga high-powered AK47 sa Crame para i-issue sa mga NPA. Kayang pondohan ang gun factory ng MILF. Kayang pondohan ang bilyones na kailangan for national campaign ng partido.

Kaya yang slogan ni Ninoy na “The Filipino is worth dying for”, putol yan, dapat yan ay

“The Filipino is worth dying for MONEY”.

At saka, with this revelation, hindi na kayo magtataka kung bakit hindi mabuwag-buwag ang RECTO and QUIAPO as fabrication center of counterfeit documents — si Ninoy ay isa sa pinaka unang customer dyan — protektado yang lugar na yan ng Malaysia-Aquino gang.

Election fraud? Chicken lang yang election fraud sa kanila — Maguindanao and Lanao ay sentro ng counterfits — kaya gusto nilang kontrolin yang area na yan with BBL.



GRANDFATHER. Benigno “Igno” Aquino Sr. Charged of TREASON by the Ph Govt in 1946, died of heart attack in 1947 while awaiting trial.

FATHER. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. was convicted of TREASON by PH Govt in 25 Nov 1977, but exiled in 1980 out of pity by his fraternity fellow Pres Marcos. Gunned down upon return to PH in 1983.

SON. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Charged with TREASON in 4 March 2015.



QUESTION: Sir John, why was Ninoy killed on the tarmac? Do you think Marcos have ordered the assassination of Ninoy?

ANSWER: Ninoy’s statements prior to his death reveal that he knew HOW he is going to die, WHEN he is going to die, WHERE he is going to die, and for WHY he is going to die. Knowledge on these information only shows he is a participant of his own death — a suicidal case of “assassinate me”. His suicidal tendency have shown way back when he was in jail awaiting execution of death penalty for TREASON — he did a hunger strike.



Why tarmac?

Because tarmac is the perfect transition point of Ninoy’s custody from family to government. Killing him before the tarmac would have been too early, and after the tarmac would have been too late. His family could no longer help in the “assassinate me scheme” if ever they will do it AFTER the government takes full custody on him.

Marcos ordered the assassination of Ninoy? I don’t think so.

Ninoy was already sentenced by the government to death in 25 of Nov 1977 for TREASON, but it was President Marcos who SAVED HIM (for the sake as fraternity brod) by allowing him to seek medical treatment abroad and in a way ESCAPE the sentence. If Marcos wanted to kill Ninoy without any legal impediments, he could just have implemented the death sentence.

In my expert opinion as a finisher of the basic and advanced course in United States Academy of Private Investigation, the trajectory of the bullet that caused Ninoy’s death would include the possibility that he personally shot himself.

If I will become Senator someday, I would file a Senate Resolution to have his body exhumed and have his hand examined for powder residues para matahimik na yang kasong yan. (Rltr John Remollo Petalcorin, MNLF Director for Communications, 28 April 2015)



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