Former ABS-CBN reporter, IRA PANGANIBAN, openly endorsed Mayor Duterte and Bongbong Marcos to be his President and Vice-President respectively for the coming May 9, 2016 presidentials elections.

Dear Facebook,

46 days before the May 9 elections.

Here and now I will declare that I will vote for Rodrigo Duterte as President.

I will choose Bongbong Marcos as my Vice President.

Why Duterte and Marcos?

Duterte because I am sorely looking for discipline and peace and order. When he says the will to kill, I believe he means that a leader must have the ability to make the hard decisions, even if it leads to death.

Marcos because the world is watching him. He is the son of the dictator after all. Another name will just be another Filipino leader to the world, a Marcos is someone to watch. And if Bongbong screws this chance, then he just seals the Marcos name to ignominy. I think he knows this all too well. He will do his best.

My Senators are not yet complete but they will include Panfilo Lacson, Roman Romulo, Rafael Alunan, Miguel Zubiri, and Francis Pangilinan.

These are my choices, you have your own. If you do not agree then it is fine by me. I will not try to change your mind, please don’t try to change mine.

Respectfully yours,



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