by Jill Villanueva

I’m seeing 3 general types of Anti-Duterte people.


Bordering to being Pharisees, they see themselves as holier than thou. They’re the ones who would probably make the sign of the cross every time Digong utters a PI or perhaps they would be cussing themselves with “susmaryosep“.

Ok lang siguro yun kasi holy curse naman. They’re the ones who mistake the president as having moral duties similar to the pastor, priest, or pope. They are also Bible-believing Christians who insist that voting for Duterte is not Biblical and yet they forget or perhaps really don’t know that a lot of leaders used by God in the Bible weren’t exactly “good” to begin with.


They have a lot of variety but most of them are schooled in state or upscale universities; probably with letters following their names as proof of their so-called intelligence. They will always think they’re better than you because they think they’re smarter or worse because you’re just a promdi to them.

They think that decency is measured by the clothes you wear. They could be involved with an NGO about saving the earth and so they rant on social media about Digong’s approval of the coal plant and does so while sitting comfortably in their own air-conditioned room, typing away on their macs, oblivious of their own carbon footprint.

Most of them are impressed with eloquent speeches, rhetoric, and are so in love with the idea of “due process”. They prefer protocols in the face of emergency. They say they want a democratic process but they also have the tendency to be imperialist bigots.

The term “Dutertard” was coined by this type. They’re that linguistically proficient. That’s why they’re good at bullying. And oh, one more thing. Most of them are also privileged dual-passport holders or have optional state-side lives. If things get messy in the Philippines, they can always leave.


Their positions or businesses, legal or not, might be endangered in Duterte’s administration. They like the status quo because they are benefitting from it, without considering how others could benefit in the change.

Isn’t that a bit selfish?

Part of this group are “Manilenyos” who are afraid of Federalism because that means they will no longer be the “priority” in the food chain. And because some of these people have enterprises to protect, they usually do not engage in social media wars.

Instead, they just play it safe, keep quiet, and post about their favorite TV shows or some other petty, self-serving interest instead. Most of them are not on Facebook anymore.

They’re residing in the filtered universe of Instagram where everything just looks and feels good. They don’t like “bad vibes” so they rant about people always posting about politics.

We’re really so sorry about that. Our posts didn’t mean to ruin your day. We were merely posting about ruined lives and dreams because of the government’s incompetence. – and let me add, the governments inability to inspire a nation to rebuild again.



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