Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has continued to rise in surveys of preferred candidates for 2016 presidential election. He ranked 3rd next to Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomay Binay in the Pulse Asia nationwide survey conducted from May 30 to June 5. Duterte is also one of the most popular and most preferred presidentiables by the netizens.

But should you vote for him this coming presidential election?

Without further ado, here are 8 reasons why you should not vote Rodrigo Duterte for President.


1. Because he’s a lawyer and not a popular showbiz person

Rodrigo Duterte is a lawyer and a distinguished politician. He is not a famous actor or an action movie star. Davao City won several awards, including the National Literacy Hall of Fame Award, under the leadership of Duterte. The Mayor of Davao neither won a best actor award nor starred in a box-office film.

So if your wish is to have a president who’s a famous movie star, then you have a reason to not cast a vote for Duterte.

2. Because he strictly implements discipline which may impair your absolute freedom

If you like getting drunk by drinking alcoholic beverages till dawn and drive your car like a racing star, then Duterte is not your president. Duterte banned the selling and consumption of liquors from 1am to 8am in Davao. He also signed an executive order to limit all kinds of motor vehicles in the city to maintain public safety and order.

So if you don’t like your countrymen and yourself to be disciplined, find another leader.

3. Because he’s not from your province

Many Filipinos vote for a president who came from their province because they think that if their candidate will be elected, he or she will focus on the development of their region.

If you don’t care for the other Filipinos outside your region or if you are electing a president who will help your province rather than your entire country, then you have a reason to not vote Duterte if you’re not from Davao or Southern Mindanao.

4. Because you are a solid loyalist to another candidate

If your loyalty to another presidential hopeful can’t be broken regardless of the incompetence and the acts of corruption that your idol has obviously committed, then nobody can change your vote but you.

It’s difficult to abandon a politician whom you have campaigned, defended and fought for over the years, isn’t it? But did your hero politician protect you and your country over the years too?

5. Because you don’t like a more secure and peaceful country

Davao City is the 9th safest city in the world. You should not vote for Duterte if you don’t like CCTV cameras to be installed in every commercial center in the Philippines. You should not also elect him if you don’t like our country to have a word-class emergency response system like the central 911 which was implemented in Davao City.

So if you’re planning to commit a crime or if you’re dreaming to be a drug lord, of course don’t ever think of making Duterte as your president or else you will be in big trouble.

6. Because he’s willing to abolish the Congress

Duterte has promised to end corruption by abolishing Congress and replacing it with a parliamentary federal form of government if he will be elected president. He also vowed to increase the salaries of government employees and privatize the BIR and other government collection agencies to improve their functions and services. Furthermore, he wants Filipino workers earning P25,000 per month and below to be exempted from paying taxes.

Thus, if you love Congress and you’re impressed with the performance of our congresspeople, if your salary as a government employee is already too much for your family’s needs, if you’re happy with our current tax system, and if you want corruption in the country to continue, then never mind voting for Duterte as president.

7. Because you don’t know him and you don’t like making a research

We’re too busy with our daytime jobs. We need to work hard to build a bright future for our children. Some Filipinos, especially the young generation, are also busy reading and following showbiz personalities rather than knowing our future leaders.

If you think that researching or finding the best leader for our country is a waste of time and will not help your children and grandchildren, then stay as a clueless voter.

8. Because he will not run for president

Although Duterte has already a base of supporters who are willing to fund his presidential campaign, the Davao Mayor has not yet officially declared his bid for the 2016 presidential election as of this posting. So if he will not run for president this coming election, don’t write his name in the ballot box as a president because it will not be counted. Find another presidential candidate who has the capability to bring our country to peace and progress.

Final thoughts

Thank you for reading this article and not making comments based only on its headline. I know that this article sounds crazy but I’m pretty serious about the messages I want to convey to the Filipino people.

I’m not saying that you vote for Mayor Duterte for president. I just thought that he’s perfect for the context of this article. I’m not also campaigning for any presidential candidate, at least for now.

The 2016 presidential election is still several months away from now. We can still make further and deeper research to know who really is the one who will become the best president for our country.

Let us vote based on the capability, effectiveness and efficiency of the person, not on his or her popularity.

Let’s vote for a president who will develop, not only our own province, but our whole country.

Let’s support leaders, not because we are their solid loyalists, but because they can provide solid services.

Let’s elect leaders who will transform our nation into progress, not leaders who will transport our money to their pockets.




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