Ms. Rachel Amestoso Quoted:

I deactivated not because of appalling threats but because my parents required me to.

I will leave this post for an hour and resume deactivation once again, until this whole thing stops blowing out of proportion. If there is something you have to stick your stinky heads, it’s that online news websites exaggerate stories these days in order to be attractive. And people will buy it, not always because it’s something they can relate to, but because it’s an opportunity for them to highlight themselves.

If I knew that anti-Roxas post I made 6 days ago would go viral, I would have made it well-substantiated and concrete. If only I knew that post would eat too much of your yellow-coded heads, I would have decided not to end it with the usual Bisaya sense of humor since it’s something no amount of explanation can make you understand.

You are not Bisaya. Our dialect, despite sounding unpleasant in your ears, doesn’t always carry an unpleasant message.

Nevertheless, I am aware, that me calling your candidate evil must have burned your core. Not because you think I was wrong, but simply because you yourself are not aware of everything.

You have your facts against Duterte. His life is an open book.

But do you know everything about Roxas?

Does he openly present to you all that he’s done (aside from eating rice in mugs and being the traffic enforcer for a photo op, prolly)?

I doubt.

He won’t even admit to being the fake hero of the Yolanda tragedy.

What kind of president would you rather have, someone who admits to the killings of those who pose as threat to the security of the society or someone who allows the killings of the oppressed without you knowing?

Believe it or not, killings will always exist. We are only bound to choose who will die by choosing the next president.

Lastly, I did not post for your stupid fame or attention. I spoke in behalf of those who confessed to being oppressed.

Life in the province, particularly in barrios, are easily manipulated, unlike in the cities.

Calling people smart enough to vote who they want is a clear showcase of ignorance towards what is happening in areas that are far from establishments.

I suggest you take a vacation in rural areas and talk to the members of the community. I suggest you take a look at that accidentally viral open letter as a reason to do more truth-searching than plain rebutting.

I am fighting for the right to freedom without consequences. The right to vote without being threatened or in fear. But you, you are only fighting for your candidate’s defense.

Go ahead and fight for yellow,

If I die, I die fighting for red and blue.
For a better country, ‪#‎DUTERTECAYETANO2016‬

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