by Jem Birkner

IT’S A PROTEST NOT A WAR. The irony is, these farmers work hard to bring food to your tables and they in return are starving to death and this time beaten and killed. :((

Protesters are regulated with water hoses, the most tear gas…

But guns with loaded bullets? The farmers had no guns they were unarmed civilians. Who trains these IDIOTS???

They had women and children with them during the protests. You could see in the video how the police even chased them to shoot them.

Here are the facts:

The drought has been forecasted since last year 2015 and it started January 2016. How can this administration not prepare? Was it too much money to spare for the upcoming elections. Billions of pesos are spent on campaign paraphernalia, flyers and yellow uniforms while people are dying and hungry!!

NHA and NFA has loads of rice stored and rotting in various warehouses. The government chooses to let it rot then letting people consume it.

The protestors have been appealing to their governor since January to give them some food allocation because nothing is growing in the farm lands.

Where was their governor when this happened?

Campaigning with Mar, waving and shaking hands while her people were down on their knees begging for food.

We know how hard it is for farmers, my father trades crops! He has no work now because there’s nothing growing !! There’s no water because there’s no forest left, no rain, because mining still continues, because logging was never regulated.

We’re governed by self serving idiots and idiots as well voting them back in power!

They were begging for food from the government and they rain them with bullets?

Pwede naman kasi hose ng tubig….

Batuta siguro?

Pero baril??

Ano yan Addik?



What kind of sick and cruel administration is this? Poor farmers. They work hard to bring food to our tables and we repay them with bullets.

Bigas ang hinihingi ng tao hindi pangako. They were appealing for food and the officials beat and shot them to death. Women and children were there. Walang preparedness ang government na to.

Ang gulo gulo. Walang system walang saktong allocation for disaster. Time and time again you can see how they act and react…

This video doesn’t lie. Don’t even try to discuss this one out. This administration makes me sick to the stomach.





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