An excerpt from by Christine F. Herrera:

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III has refused to guarantee a P3-billion concessional loan offered by the World Bank to Tacloban City to rehabilitate and reconstruct the city after Super Typhoon “Yolanda.”

World Bank and government documents show the package was 90-percent grant and 10-percent loan for the rehabilitation of Tacloban City, meaning the government would pay only less than P300 million of the total funding of P3 billion.

“Aquino’s refusal to give a sovereign guarantee that only he can grant prompted the World Bank to withdraw the offer,” according to Mayor Alfred Romualdez

The fund would have paid for the rehabilitation and construction of hospitals, public markets, a multi-purpose evacuation center, the city hall and shore protection, dike construction and rehabilitation of drainage systems, among others, Romualdez told The Standard.

The loan was offered by the World Bank in early 2014, the mayor said.

Here are some of the furious comments made by Netizens:

“This is what boy driver meant when he said ” remember you are a Romualdez and the president is an aquino” abnoy is as vindictive as they come. Although he supposed to be president of ALL Filipinos but he only selects those that gets his graces and those are the members of the yellow brigades,kkk and lapiang pork. We can not wait fast enough to see the last of this incompetent,stupid abnoy. BOYCOTT ALL lapiang pork candidates specially roxas aka boy driver.” -Cobra

“This is one of the key reasons why the Filipinos must vote for Rody Duterte. Within the concept of Federalism, projects like these are not required any presidential approval, only an endorsement. We are very sorry for Tacloban City that PNoy’s approval is required in this WB loan offer. Why PNoy does not want to rehabilitate Tacloban is a big, big question which cannot be easily answered but one dares to say that in addition to hate and vindictiveness, PNoy apparently does not understand how these things work.” -Victorino Villaflor

“This president has been inflicting damage to the nation since his assumption of the presidency. It’s a sigh for relief he is out of power in less than 3 months. The Filipino voter should not allow any of his clones, Roxas and Poe-Llamanzares to take the next presidency. Otherwise, we’ll another six years of incompetence, vindictive blunders and exclusive administration.” -Ricardo C. Brazil

“ALL it takes to REBUILD Tacloban City was a sovereign guarantee to be signed by BS Aquino. But as usual, he’d rather keep the opportunities to himself or to his allies instead of allowing a political nemesis’ bailiwick to get back on its feet. What a FARCE president! Once again, BS Aquino’s STRAIGHT path is proven FALSE, patently FALSE!” -Alexander Lean Dalogaog

“What kind of a human being is Noynoying? Not only he did not properly distibute all donations to Yolanda victims, he wont guarantee the loan to rehabilitate Tacloban? His govt would only pay P300M of the P3B loan, and he did not act on it? Why? Yet Noynoying was able to bribe senators during Corona trial roughly P1B (P50M/15 senators & P100M/3senators). Chiz got P100M btw so don’t vote for this opportunist.

He did not provide what farmers needed in Kidapawan.

This is the hypocrisy of Daang Matuwad!

#BONGBONG MARCOS for Vice-President!” -James Lozano

“This shows one thing: Aquino is a SOULLESS, VINDICTIVE CHARACTER who will do anything to punish his political enemies, even to the point of hurting innocent lives. This should be a wake-up call to those who will cast their lot with the Administration candidates.” -WJGBalderama

“PNoy the dirty politician and the most vindictive president, Leyte will give LP party ZERO VOTE!” -Stubbs

“Pnoy government MUST answer this! … nakapagtataka, nakakabahala, nakakaasar, nakakapanghinayang, nakakagigil, nakakabwisit, nakakalungkot, nakakadismaya…” -Jomaking

“Aquino is a big joke to the presidency. Favoring corrupts like Lina, et al…..and yet, depriving the poor of their rightful share in the government’s coffers, even the additional 2k allowance for SSS penshioners. These are old people, who served the country in their working years, deserving a meager amount that can sustain for food and medicine!!!!! This Aquino is devoid of knowing the sentiments of the poor!!!! He is even satisfied with the Yolanda aftermath, and the SAF 44 pillage where he was most responsible. How I wish his term would end ASAP. Philippines now is just a wasteland being made in his administration. That girl is right, when she enshamed Aquino in his visit to the US. No Peace! No Justice!” -Anchalee Naum Primrose



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