Do you recall the “Goat Scene” in the movie The Terminal?

This is the scene where there was an in-transit Russian guy who was being stopped by the customs/immigration folks in the US for being in possession of medicines which he legally-purchased in Canada, but didn’t have some extra paperwork that he needed because of his transit through the USA.

The Russian guy was depicted as being a very very very desperate person who was kicking and screaming and begging out of desperation for him to be given the chance to please bring the medicines with him so he can give them to his sick father.

When he was about to be taken away, he was acting up, being almost violent, to the point of him being restrained.


Because the medicines were his last chance at saving his father. And the US customs and immigration guys were taking away that last chance.

How else would a desperate person act? Patiently and nicely? Quietly and calmly?

Desperation causes people to act in certain ways because they have no other options!!

This is what many of the people who bash many Duterte supporters for being extremely passionate and sometimes “verbally violent” online whenever there are people who attack their presidential candidate DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

These people tend to want to make it seem as if Duterte supporters act like this because there was some kind of “directive” or “memo” from Duterte himself telling them to act the way they do online.

Now let me tell you people this: YOU GOT IT ALL FREAKIN’ WRONG!

Duterte supporters who are “verbally violent” online act that way not because of some directive from Duterte BECAUSE THERE IS NONE, but it just so happens that a huge number of the Philippines’ most “desperate thinking people” have converged to support Duterte.

I say “desperate thinking people” because these are people who use their brains and know that the Philippines is a f*cked up sh!t-hole that will just continue to get worse and worse unless someone steps in and sets up the necessary earth-shaking reforms AND sets up a much more orderly environment than the chaotic MESS that the Philippines happens to be.

Despite coming from a “middle-class” background, I am one of those “desperate” people.

I am totally and extremely sick and tired of my freakin’ Philippine Passport continuing to be a damned liability such that I need to waste a lot of time getting visas and producing so much paperwork just to get these visas for the extensive travelling I need to do for my job.

I am frustrated with all the hassles I need to go through when travelling.

And yet I have continued to hang on to it hoping that the necessary reforms will finally happen.

Obviously that idiot NOYNOY never lifted a finger to get any such reforms underway.

Other Filipinos have even more basic reasons for their frustrations.

Just being able to get a decent job is impossible for many.

Others are tired of the criminality that they have to go through everyday while living in the Philippines.

Others go through many other hassles such as being away from their loved ones because they have to live abroad because abroad is where the jobs are.

Whatever it is, EXTREMELY DESPERATE Filipinos have essentially found Duterte to be the only candidate who represents the LAST and ONLY CHANCE for the Philippines to improve itself and get itself out of its mess.

Try looking at the demographics involved. The overwhelming majority of OFW’s and “thinking poor” and “thinking middle classes” are going with Duterte. OFW’s are Filipinos who usually come from non-privileged backgrounds who have to work abroad and are s exposed to how things are much better in the countries we live in.

We see with our own eyes that it is possible to live decently, and it’s not really that hard. We see that Duterte’s platform promises to enable the Philippines to move towards that direction. This isn’t about instantaneously transforming the Philippines into a paradise.

We are mostly PRACTICAL-MINDED ENOUGH to know that this cannot happen overnight. But we do know that only his platform seeks to set up the right kind of environment that will help get the Philippines moving towards real improvement and not some FAKE media-manipulated window-dressing and mass-deception that the Noynoy Aquino Administration has been so guilty of.

But we are aware and discerning enough to look at all of the candidates and realize that among them all, only Duterte represents REAL POSITIVE CHANGE while all the rest represent more-of-the-same or a continuation of the LOUSY STATUS QUO.

The people who go with the other candidates do not feel the urgency to get the Philippines on track. These people think that the Philippines is “ok.” They even think that the Philippines is “on track.” (YEAH RIGHT!)

They are so CLUELESS in assuming that the lousy status quo is “fine.”

We who are totally aware of just how F*CKED UP THE PHILIPPINES IS right now are the ones who know that something needs to be done to FIX THE PHILIPPINES.

Duterte represents that desire to abandon the LOUSY STATUS QUO and fix the broken system. This is why those of us who are aware that the Philippines is actually f*cked up and needs fixing are GOING WITH DUTERTE.

We know that the Philippines is not ok. We know that Philippines needs fixing. And we know that of all the candidates, only Duterte pushes for the necessary remedies.

We are DESPERATE. And there are many more among the Duterte supporters who are even MORE DESPERATE.

We’re desperate because we know that 2016 is the make-or-break election year. If we get another DIMWITTED FOOL similar to Noynoy Aquino or anyone who will allow the lousy status quo to continue, then the Philippines will definitely get left behind and end up becoming the ASEAN region’s goat (worst perform) if we aren’t already that.

This DESPERATION is similar to what that Russian guy in The Terminal expressed.

Those Medicines meant for his sick father were his LAST CHANCE to keep his father alive. And those customs-and-immigration folks were taking that LAST CHANCE away from him. Did you think that he would just accept it?

No way! He was kicking and screaming and begging and resisting.

This is how many of the more desperate among the Duterte supporters feel. Duterte is THEIR LAST CHANCE to improve their lives. Duterte is the only one who represents a chance at solving the insurgency problems of the Philippines and the only one who seeks to get the rest of the country – and NOT JUST METRO MANILA – developed. He is the only one who represents the chance to drastically reduce rampant criminality and heinous crimes.

The rest do not represent such change at all.

Only Duterte does.


The starstruck ignoramuses who are Fernando Poe, Jr’s fans go with Poe-Llamanzares. The Binayarans go with Binay. The people with utang-na-loob, the oligarchs, those who are affiliated with Noynoy or the LP will go with Mar.

The only ones who know just how f*cked up the Philippines is and see Duterte as the only one who is thinking about fixing it are DESPERATE THINKING FILIPINOS. That DESPERATION they, nay, WE FEEL is why some of us may tend to go “overboard” when defending our candidate.

For me, he is the last chance.

He is the last chance for me to stay Filipino and hope to continue on using the pathetic Pinoy passport I hold which continues to act as a HASSLE to my ability to easily travel for my job.

Because frankly, if Duterte doesn’t win, I’m out. No reason to stay Pinoy if the next 6 years means just going down the path of continuing to get worse.

Watch the video and look at that Russian guy in the scene. He was desperate. The medicines were his father’s last chance and the meds were being taken away from him.

Unfair attacks on Duterte are an attempt to lessen Duterte’s chances of winning, and thus this is something that so many Desperate Filipinos who are supporting Duterte cannot accept. Try noticing what socio-economic sector the more “verbally violent” ones come from. They’re from sectors that have less options.

Now look at the Mar supporters. Rich kids. Folks from gated subdivisions. Oligarchs. People connected to LP people.

They don’t have much to lose. If Mar doesn’t win, they will still be living good and comfortable lives. That’s why many of them can still afford to be “nice guys.” (kuno)

But most of the Duterte supporters are from lower income sectors or OFW backgrounds or plain “self-made” backgrounds. Duterte is their last chance to live better lives. Take that last chance away from them and they can go berserk.

For me, I can afford to be “nice” because I am thinking of planning my just-in-case escape if my candidate doesn’t win. I’m at an age where I cannot afford to continue wasting the rest of my life having a passport that REPRESENTS A MAJOR FREAKIN’ LIABILITY.

Other Duterte supporters don’t have that option. He literally is their last hope.

So to all you rich burgis “gated village” kids out there who just DON’T GET IT and like to think that the outbursts that are common among Duterte supporters are derived from the “kind of leadership of Duterte”, THINK AGAIN.

We’re talking about EXTREMELY DESPERATE PEOPLE. These people – many of whom are poor or coming from non-rich backgrounds cannot be expected to be nice if their one and only LAST CHANCE AT A BETTER LIFE is taken away from them.

Remember the desperate Russian guy in The Terminal and contemplate on why he acted the way he did vis-a-vis those medicines.

I know I have repeated a lot of stuff here but I do this for EMPHASIS and to really make it sink in.





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