It seems that the lies that Grace Poe tells and that tell her have widened their web and have entrapped her husband, Teodoro Misael Llamanzares (aka Niel).

For a long time, Grace Poe, in official documents and in public pronouncements, made us believe that her husband Niel is a dual citizen, and even a natural-born one, considering that he was born to Filipino parents in the US before the latter were naturalized.

But with recent developments, Grace Poe was forced to admit that her husband served with the US Air Force from 1988 – 1992, and in fact is a reserved officer.

It is a given fact that under Philippine Laws, serving in the US military automatically causes the loss of Filipino citizenship, more so if such was done without the consent of the Philippine Government.

So when Niel served with the US military, whatever claim he has to dual citizenship by virtue of him being born to Filipino parents in the US was extinguished.

He is now solely an American citizen, not a dual citizen as Grace Poe has claimed.

He could also not claim that he became dual again by virtue of RA 9225, when Grace Poe reacquired her citizenship since only their three children were included in her application.

It also behooves one to ask if Niel acquired the necessary papers that would certify him as a natural born citizen at any time before he became solely an American citizen in 1988.

My eldest son was born in Hawaii. Before he can claim his natural born citizenship, we have to obtain a certificate of recognition from the BID. It is now valid to ask if Niel in fact has this certificate issued by BID or by the Philippine authorities in the US.

Grace Poe said that her husband is willing to renounce his US citizenship if she wins. Let us forget for a moment that this reeks of opportunism, and just focus on the legal implications of this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 3.02.43 PM

Niel is solely a US citizen now.

He could not even vote for Grace Poe.

For him to be employed by Ramon Ang, he has to secure a permanent resident visa.

So, what is actually his visa status?

And how can he renounce his US citizenship when that would amount to him becoming stateless, for he already lost his Filipino citizenship in 1988 when he joined the US military?

He has to first become a Filipino citizen again.

And if so, what will apply — is it RA 9225, or the previous law on Filipinos who served the US military which was used in Bengson?

Is he even qualified to do this when at the time he joined the US military he was also a US citizen?

This is the problem when you live a life full of lies and deception.

Sooner or later they will come back to haunt you.

What makes this tragic is that the whole Republic, the institution of law, the Constitution itself and its guardian, the Supreme Court, were all trapped in the web of lies that was spun by and for this privileged foundling.

There is one way out.

Repudiate this woman on May 9.

Let her straighten her documents as a private citizen, and spare the country from the burden, the confusion and uncertainty and the lies.



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