What a great insight by Atty. Josephus Jimenez published last Sunday in one of Cebu’s local newspaper, The Freeman.

The Filipino voters may be clueless, reckless and even too negligent in making choices for the coming elections. Some Filipinos may even be crazy, silly and foolish when they select the candidates they shall vote for.

But for sure, they are not stupid enough to believe certain promises that trapos make just to make these bets look better, smell better and sound better to the electorate. There are promises that cannot be fulfilled for the simple reason of their plain impossibility or being outside the realm of reality.

For instance, Vice President Jejomar Binay makes this preposterous promise of abolishing income tax for all who earn P30,000 a month or less.

The vice president does not realize that no less than 60 percent of the taxpayers belong to that bracket. Or he knows but thinks that we are all stupid.

In effect, he and his campaign staff have not even made a simple act of verification and research. As the second highest official of the land, we have to say, that the vice president’s desperate politicking is an indication of ultimate irresponsibility. For that alone, Binay does not deserve the vote of the Filipinos.

Another promise or set of empty promises that cannot be kept are those made by Senators Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero.

They give very general, vague and highly hypothetical aspirations that are not quantifiable, not specific, much less time-bound.

They promise a haven of economic development, of absolute peace and order, of affordable housing, education and healthcare.

They fail to specify what program are they going to implement, where do they get the funds to finance them and when do they intend to start and finish them.

The people are sick and tired with too much generalities.

And as Senator Miriam would quip:

Where shall they get the money to fund these grandiose illusions?

Secretary Mar Roxas keeps on repeating that hackneyed mantra of PNoy on Daang Matuwid.

In effect, therefore, this administration candidate just wants to continue such monumental blunders as horrendous traffic in EDSA and elsewhere, the unreliability of electric power in the airport, thereby causing hundreds, even thousands of stranded passengers in one of the worst airports in the world.

He may repeat Mamasapano or the massacre of farmers, and the immoral use of public funds through the 4Ps in order to buy votes for LP bets.

Perhaps, only Roxas can fulfill his promises but these are not the ones we want fulfilled, the perpetuation of a failed and overly neglectful, and incompetent government.

The reason why Binay, Poe and Roxas are all trying to make a mockery of Mayor Duterte’s promises of eradicating drugs in six months is precisely because these three bets are not used to time-bound, specific and measurable objectives.

They are all trying to make Davao look bad to the people because none of the three has accomplished what Digong Duterte has done in Davao.

Mar Roxas was a failure in DILG.

Grace Poe has not performed well in the Senate.

And we all know what happened in Makati under the Binays.

And so, why would rational people believe in the promises of proven failures?

The best evidence are the peace and order and progress in Davao.



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