by Orion Pérez Dumdum

The man in the photo is the real Oskar Schindler.

He was a bit of a scoundrel in many ways.

He was a notorious serial womanizer.

He was a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party who spied for the Germans in the former Czechoslovakia as a member of the Nazi German spy agency, the Abwehr.

He was a greedy opportunist who sought to take advantage of cheap and almost “slave”-labor.

He was corrupt and slimy and loved to bribe officials, guards, high-ranking politicians and officers, and loved to schmooze with people in authority in order to accomplish his objectives.

Later in life, he was also a failed businessman who went bankrupt several times.


He was not a perfect person. But…

He saved the lives of around 1,200 innocent Jews, saving them from death in concentration camps by giving them jobs that protected them as they were considered essential workers.

He used his influence, schmoozing with SS officers, and even outright bribery to save the lives of the innocent Jewish people who worked for him.

Despite being an IMPERFECT and even immoral human being given to womanizing and bribery/corruption, OSKAR SCHINDLER is a hero to the State of Israel and to so many Jews and many more people worldwide because of his heroic act of saving around 1,200 innocent Jews.

Despite being imperfect, Oskar Schindler is one of my own personal heroes.

In the same way, RODRIGO DUTERTE is not a perfect human being.

He is a bit of a scoundrel too.

He is a womanizer.

He cusses a lot.

He makes bad and sometimes even despicable jokes.

He talks like a thug and publicly threatens to kill criminals who refuse to mend their ways and continue on with their misdeeds.

He even makes friends with the CPP-NPA-NDF and the MNLF and MILF and even shows them that he empathizes with their issues and grievances though not necessarily with their armed struggle if only to have them stay away from attacking or messing up the peace and order of his city in exchange for his friendship and empathy.

But he is also the only candidate running for President who understands the root causes of poverty, crime, desperation, and the lack of political representation among those groups with legitimate grievances.

He is the only candidate for president who has fully supported three absolutely necessary Constitutional Reforms that will hit at the root causes of our country’s systemic problems.

He is the most passionate candidate for president who supports easing the economic restrictions in our constitution and the creation of business islands and oases that would attract massive job-creating foreign enterprises that would employ millions of currently jobless Filipinos to give them gainful employment, a sense of self-esteem and sustenance, and technology training that would give them a much better quality of life and prevent crime and insurgency from happening.

He is the one and only candidate for president who is pushing for a transition from our current lousy unitary system towards Federalism so that the regions could be better-empowered to manage their own economic development based on how they see fit and have the power to set economic policies appropriate to their situation.

He is the one and only candidate who supports shifting away from the current dysfunctional and personality-oriented and name-recall focused Presidential System towards a Parliamentary System, which is empirically proven to be more stable, more efficient, more likely to allow competent people to emerge on top, more able to easily allow non-performing/disgraced leaders to be instantly replaced, and is proven to be less prone to corruption.

Parliamentary Systems also tend to be much more inclusive and representative of many differing points of view so that groups that used to be unable to voice their concerns can now have a more active voice in running the country, once again removing any reasons to resort to violent insurgency. (Countries with parliamentary systems tend to have less insurgency/less rebellion as all their grievances come to the fore in parliament)

He is the only presidential candidate who is tough on crime and has the track record of success to prove that he is capable of pulling off all the reforms he plans to do.

His success in setting up Davao City’s state of the art 911 emergency response service is a testament to his competence and focus on providing the best for his constituents.

No, Rodrigo Duterte is not a perfect person.

Like Oskar Schindler who was a flawed man that many would have sometimes considered to be a scoundrel or a “bad guy” as he was in fact a Nazi but became a hero because he saved around 1,200 innocent Jews,

RODRIGO DUTERTE is a flawed man with many undesirable traits who is considered to be a hero and extremely competent leader by millions of Filipinos, especially by the majority of the people of his city and by the people of Leyte whom he and his team of relief workers helped after Typhoon Yolanda struck.

Despite his imperfections like the imperfect Oskar Schindler,

RODRIGO DUTERTE also proves to be the best candidate among all the current candidates running for president for only he has the best platform and programme of government, the best track record in successfully getting things done properly, and the only candidate with a strong commitment to finally implementing all of the three desperately needed systemic constitutional reforms.

No, RODRIGO DUTERTE is NOT a perfect man.

Rodrigo Duterte is like Oskar Schindler — an example of a Good “Bad Guy.”

No, he is not perfect, but he makes good things happen and protects innocent people from the real evil bad guys.

But he is also the Philippines’ last hope to get it out of its sorry state of mediocrity, fix its systemic flaws, and get it fitted with a better economic system, a better framework of territorial administration, and a better system of government, later turn the country over to the next set of leaders in a much, much better shape than it has ever been.

Oskar Schindler was not a perfect man, but he saved 1,200 innocent Jews.

Rodrigo Duterte is not a perfect man, but he made a formerly messy Davao City become orderly, efficient and relatively prosperous and he can do the same and much more for the Philippines.

So please, Filipinos, stop wishing for the perfect leader. There is no such thing.

Just please choose the best person – despite his personal imperfections – who has the best plan, the best platform, and the best track record so that we can finally see a new and improved Philippines.

This coming May, vote for RODRIGO DUTERTE — an imperfect man who has what it takes to give you a better Philippines.



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