Shame on you, NOYNOY AQUINO!
by Orion Pérez Dumdum

No amount of money, not even to the point of spending billions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money paying off PR agencies and international news agencies to make the Philippines look like it is the “fastest growing economy in the ASEAN region or in Asia”, is ever going to hide the Truth.

You fooled a lot of people about the so-called “high growth rate” which was a result of including money that came in as a result of borrowings/loans and OFW remittances, but never factored in the fact that the Philippines was experiencing no real net increase in jobs.

You especially did this “Philippines is the fastest growing contry” PR Blitz in order to cover up on your failures such as;

the Luneta Bus Hostage Crisis,

the Pork Barrel Scam,

the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda relief work debacle,

the Mamasapano massacreof 44 SAF commandos,

Tanim-Bala and many more.

Every time you got into trouble, like clockwork, the so called “good news about high growth” would come out as if on cue.

And now the Truth has come out and it had to be the Asian Development Bank which is based in Metro Manila but run by expats to have to bear the real news:

That the fastest growing country in Asia is actually MYANMAR!

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