by Atty. Bruce Rivera

I looked in horror as, one by one, the screenshot of the names of the presidentiables in the website that has the alleged voters list appeared.

Then Roxas name did not appear.

I asked my friend from the US to search again since I could not access it in the Philippines and input differently. Still no results.

A question now hangs.

Why would this website compromise the sensitive information of the presidentiables except that of Manuel Roxas?

Is it true that the COMELEC will perpetuate fraud to make the administration candidate win thus Mar records are zealously protected from hackers so his votes cannot be compromised?

Or is it a ploy for the people to doubt the credibility of the comings that will justify the COMELEC to declare a failure of elections?

Why is a failure of elections so bad?

For starters, Mar can prolong the campaign and wish for the tide to change with a daily dose of smear campaign against Duterte.

And what happens in the meantime?

We will have a hold-over government and PNoy stays as president until the elections are scheduled again. Which may be longer than one to two years.

Either way, we are screwed. Tuwid na Daan pa din.

Clearly, the people in power does not want the obvious victor take the reins of power from them.




Several of my friends used the website that contained alleged hidden COMELEC voters information and they were able to successfully access the sensitive information including address as well as fingerprint information of all Presidential candidates except one. They took screenshots and sent it to me. The public can access records of:

Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Miriam Defensor Santiago
Jejomar Cabauatan Binay
Mary Grace Poe Llamanzares

Isa lang ang walang record sa search. This is just too suspicious to disregard.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.00.23 AM

Ito ang tanong, “KANINO PABOR ANG HACKER?”


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