An open letter to ‪Mar Roxas‬ (an explanation kung bakit asar ako kay Mar hahahaha)

Dear Mar,

I am a renal disease patient for more than 3 years now. That means I am dependent on dialysis twice or 3 times a week to survive and continue living. This disease disables us to have a normal lifestyle since we have to confine ourselves to a 4 hour session twice or 3 times every week.

This illness restricts us to work in a normal schedule since our health is unstable. Our blood pressure is always being monitored and sometimes when there’s imbalance in our uric acid in our body we cannot walk coz our joints are inflamed or just simple we had too much water ‘coz it was so hot and we can’t help but take more liquid than we are supposed to. And then we’ll bloat.

So for us renal patients we only have an option to work at home. But unfortunately some are not skilled enough to get into this industry so they just stay at home and jobless.

What I’m getting at is we are now dependent on all the medical insurance services that our government could offer. I’m thankful I have Philhealth.

But Philhealth doesn’t cover everything in my dialysis. I still have to pay P1,600 every session even with Philhealth deductions. And to think I have to pay twice a week.

In a month I have to prepare P12,800 just for the dialysis session and injections. Aside from that I have maintenance medicines that costs more or less 5k a month.

See, even with Philhealth we still have to have to shell out huge amount of money for my medication.

Good thing I’m from Davao and we have other programs here like DSWD and PSCO. But aside from that Mayor ‪#‎DUTERTE‬ has a Lingap para sa Mahirap program that helps us pay for our dialysis and hospitalization even without contributing anything since this is from the City Mayor’s funds.

See what I’m getting at is that our current medical insurance service system is not enough. We need extra help from supposedly charity institutions like PAGCOR to reroute their budget to health services.

Most of us patients are just ordinary citizens. We don’t have millions to sustain us to afford medication.

And that is what Mayor Duterte means when he said Philhealth hasn’t helped anyone in Davao. Because people still has to pay!

Kaya ‪Mar‬, huwag kang epal dahil wala kang alam!

You are very clueless.

You are an elitist.

Wala kang alam sa mga nangyayari sa buhay-buhay namin dito dahil hndi mo naranasan maging mahirap.

We want you to know na hinding hindi ka namin iboboto dahil kahit kelan you will never understand us.

You never even tried to relate to us.

Can’t you see, lahat ng plano mo palpak?

It’s because it’s not applicable to us. Ang lakas ng loob mong magmayabang ng mga planong sinasabi mong nagawa na. Eh bakit hanggang ngayon ni isa walang gumana?

It will all boil down to what Mayor Duterte said that you are pretentious and you are incapable of leading our country.

Kaya ‪#‎DuCay‬ ta dire na side!

Bisaya napud!

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