To the Cojuanco-Aquino family, if I may speak frankly. There is no ‘Cory Magic’ anymore!

Forgive me for not feeling everlasting anger at the atrocities during the Martial Law. History books failed to evoke in me, hatred for Ferdinand Marcos for long.

Instead, what I am still disgusted with is his wife, Imelda. You see, I have read articles of her EXPENSIVE caprices. According to one article, she once ordered a pilot to return mid-flight back to Rome during one of her international shopping sprees in Europe. To buy cheese. Imagine that.

I could imagine the outrage of the Filipinos towards this insanity, this opulence, this superfluity. Amidst poverty and oppression in our people? Very insensitive. Nakakagigil.

But with the Filipinos, your family managed to overthrow that. The underdog versus the dictator. David versus Goliath.

So for decades, Filipinos feel indebted to your family. Women considered themselves ‘kumares’ with Cory, treated the Aquino children like their own family, with Kris and Noynoy as their own children.

So you both grew up cooed over, coddled, respected. You became a public concern. People consoled when Kris’ heart broke over Joey Marquez. You involve us, even if deep down we didn’t care. Because we owe you. And this is to somehow repay you for the injustice done to your family.

You grew up spoiled by the Philippines, no less.

But what happened now?

Whatever good name Ninoy and Cory may have left for you to eat, you have consumed it up to the last scrap. Puked it out, chewed it in again.

Noynoy elected as president. What happened after is comparable to the Apocalypse.

Cannot be reached during the Manila hostage crisis; Photographed laughing at the scene right after.

Skipped the SAF44 rites to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony of Mitsubishi; Photographed giggling with Mistubishi officials on the same day.

Skipped attending the Yolanda anniversary; Attended a high-society wedding on the same day.

Kris bringing her son while interviewing a Hollywood celeb.

Kris complaining of a sunburnt skin, with a snotty “patas na tayo” to people who walked miles just to go home, to some who even lost jobs.

Kris riding GOVERNMENT choppers to, of course, initially to attend an inauguration event (for alibi purposes) and the rest of the itinerary? to campaign. (Please, don’t play us for fools.)

Wow. So imeldific, right?

You now become the very person that you hated. So I realized that you really did not want to overturn the oppressor. You were just envious of Imelda Marcos and wanted to take her place.

And now you have the audacity to remind us this old phrase, ‘Never Again’!

Believe me, that is EXACTLY the reason why I won’t support your candidate, his wife, and the likes of you.

Because just imagining your elitist, hypocritical clique, laughing and toasting, ribbon-cutting with foreigner friends, given special road lanes?

Damn right. NEVER AGAIN.



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