Why the Philippines Needs DUTERTE as President
by Major General Romeo Poquiz

My idea of a President is The Best and the Brightest Filipino. However, that ideal is hard to find, and, with the Presidential elections fast approaching, the best Option has to be made.

So far, we have three confirmed aspirants – Poe, Roxas and Binay.

Unfortunately, none of them, in their years in government service, has effected change that has created an impact that has inspired many.

Despite their best intentions, the systemic problems and the baggage they carry prevent them from making drastic reforms needed at this time in our country.

In contrast, only a bold and daring Davao City Mayor Rodrigo DUTERTE has done drastic reforms consistently with an unsullied track record in government service.

Only a DUTERTE can solve the country’s three serious and complex problems, namely:

1). Lawlessness and Criminality.

Examples of blatant crimes brazenly committed with impunity are the:

a. Maguindanao Massacre of 58 people, including 32 journalists;

b. Kidnapping and Robbery in broad daylight by the entire Police Precinct of La Loma led by the Police Chief himself.

c. 90% of our barangays affected by the drugs menace with Chinese and Mexican foreign drug syndicates involved;

d. Convicted criminals and druglords, in cahoots with their jailers, living like kings with jacuzzis and other amenities and continuing on with their crimes even while in jail.

2). Institutionalized Large-scale Corruption

We have Pork Barrel, PDAF, DAP, “Kickbacks,” “Tara,” “Lagay,” “SOP,” etc, and all sorts of new synonyms that are rampant not only in the Executive and Legislative Branches, but also in the Judiciary.

The extent of corruption is so pervasive and unconscionable it has widened further the gap between the rich and the poor, has sapped the energy of our country, spawned moral decay and resulted in national mediocrity.

3). Failed Political System

It is a system based on a cycle of patronage, where those in public office give all the favors, perks and privileges to family, friends and allies, and which perpetuates itself through dynastic rule and nepotism that is defended by Guns, Goons and Gold, particularly during elections.

It is also a system where clowns have the nerve to become mayors and governors, who could not even make plans or decisions for the common good; or as congressmen and senators, who only grandstand but could neither participate intelligently in debates to make sensible and meaningful laws.

Unfortunately, DUTERTE has repeatedly declared he is not running for President.

To Mayor DUTERTE: It makes me weep, and so are millions of our countrymen, as to what is happening to our beloved beautiful country – the Pearl of the Orient.

Mayor DUTERTE, we are already FED UP and we see you as our ONLY HOPE.

You are a leader and I consider you a soldier.

Leaders and soldiers look beyond self and do not back out from a fight, nor do they waver in accomplishing their missions, even at great pain, sacrifice or even death.

Your country calls on you and the people need you.

Be the patriot that you are, become the president today and transform this country to what it should rightly be – one where future generations of Filipinos can truly be proud of.

Who knows, at the end of your term, you might even turn out to be my ideal president – the best and brightest Filipino of this generation.

There is no other choice and you have no choice, unless you want to be judged in history differently. So step forward, rise to the occasion and face the challenge.




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