by Oscar Picazo


Despite what some people have dubbed as “usapang lasing” of incoming President Duterte’s briefing and other encounters with the media, there are many great ideas that he mentioned and plan to do:

1) A new Cabinet, 4 slots of which he reserved for Leftists, a true stroke of genius.

Incoming DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo already indicated her desire to turn CCT from welfare to workfare. Hurray!

2) A national ID system.

Only Duterte can push this very important initiative with credibility.

3) Train systems in Luzon and Mindanao.

This is one generation late, sa totoo lang.

4) Performance standards for government bureaucracy – maximum number of days a government document will be acted on by civil servants.

This of course was motivated by Duterte’s disdain for people waiting and queuing. A friend of mine immediately described it as Oliver Williamson 101, but who in Philippine media has even heard of, or read, OW? Mga engot, kaya hindi ma-discuss ang importansiya nito.

5) Reaching out to the CPP/NPA/NDF and the hopeful end to this decades-old insurgency.

Duterte Skyped JOMA and his campaign made that video very public, and the public didn’t mind. It probably catapulted him to stratospheric heights, with a commanding lead of 6 million votes. People are simply tired of war, OK? No one among our leaders could have done such a feat.

6) Reaching out to Muslim insurgent groups, all of which supported him for President.

Can anyone please tell me who can break that record?

7) New rapprochement with China even as we await the decision of the UN tribunal on our complaint.

(For those of you who are still confused on how we lost – de facto – Scarborough Shoal to China, even as we consider it de jure as ours, please read R. Tiglao’s column on this.)This immediately led to Zambales/Pangasinan fishermen being able to fish again in the shoal.

8) Constitutional amendments on the restrictive economic provisions of the 1986 Constitution.

9) A more robust military and police force (two additional battalions).

10) Stopping judicial TROs (temporary restraining orders) that cause much delay, if not outright abandonment, of projects.

Those who are unaware of the intricacies of Executive-Judicial relations immediately branded this as “interfering”.

They don’t seem to know that there is such a thing as Executive moral suasion, which is an accepted practice in policy circles. Hoy mga engot, magbasa kasi kayo ng textbooks on policy formulation.

11) Initial talks on Federalism and what this might mean for the overall administrative structure.

Ang mga nega, sabi agad, pipe dream daw ito. Well, kung ganyan ka mag-isip, wala ka ngang mararating.

12) A nationwide fight against crime.

Already, this is bearing fruit, as LGUs have started their own curfews. Ano nga ba naman ang ginagawa ng mg menor de edad diyan sa QC Memorail Circle at Quezon Av sa madaling araw, aber?

So there!

That’s a lot, and the guy has not even been sworn in to office. So habang ngak-ngak kayo ng ngak-ngak sa pagiging nega ninyo, meron ding mga tao (me) keeping score of the positive points.

So talk some more, Du30. I am listening, and there are millions more like me out there who can winnow the grain from the chaff.



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