by Manny Piñol

The country’s biggest drug syndicates are believed to be behind the black propaganda campaign to prevent anti-drug crusader and leading presidential candidate Rody Duterte from winning the Presidency.

In an exclusive interview tonight, top police officers involved in the campaign against drugs who requested anonymity, said that the operation of the drug lords are believed to be coordinated by a top aide of administration presidential candidate Manuel Roxas III.

They identified the Roxas top aide as retired police general Marcelo Garbo whose links to known drug lords like Peter Co is “public knowledge in Camp Crame.”

Peter Co, now a detainee in the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa Metro Manla, is believed to be the head of the multi-billion peso illegal drugs operations in the country, one of the police officers said.

Garbo, the police officers said, is so influential because of his connections with Roxas that he virtually chooses who should be assigned as Police Directors in the different regions of the country.

Garbo recently hit the headlines after he was seen meeting with four active police generals in the Novotel Hotel in Cubao, Quezon City.

The police officers said one of the four police generals involved in the controversial meeting also has links with drug lords operating in his area, one of whom was identified as “Dragon.”

“They’re scared of the Duterte Presidency,”

the police officers said in explaining the deep involvement of known drug lords in the black propaganda campaign against Duterte.

“But what is more scary is the grim prospect of seeing a Narco-Pollice Force because of the involvement of top police officers in drugs,” one of the officers said.

The reported arrests of 10 to 20 kilos of “shabu” are mere cover ups for bigger deliveries of 300 to 500 kilos of drugs, they said.

“They will set up the arrest of couriers carrying 10 to 20 kilos of shabu to divert attention from hundreds of kilos being transported to as far as Mindanao,” the police officers said.

The police officers said a Roxas Presidency would make Garbo very powerful and his links with known drug lords could transform the Philippines into a Narco State.

“While we are afraid of a grim scenario of a Narco State, these drug lords are also scared of a Duterte Presidency,” they said.

This, they said, explains the massive and relentless black propaganda campaign against Duterte.

The police officers said they are prepared to come out in the open after the elections and unmask other police officials who have links with drug operations in the country.



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