08, June 2016

To His Excellency President of the Republic of the Philippines
Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Malacańang of the South, Davao City

Good day to you Sir,

I am Jake Julz Cortez, an OFW of Dammam Saudi Arabia. I am so much thankful for you in the first place that you heard our cry for our country.

I am writing you this letter 2’oclock in the morning here to ask for you advise and suggestions that I would render to your power if you granted to respond about my call to my fellow workers and laborers.

I was an HR before way back 2004- 2010 before I work here in Saudi Arabia. As an HR it is not easy to follow what the policy and rules of the owner of the company we have in our country.

I was so doubtful for the applicants who have the skills and ability to work but the company discriminate their personality. I have no choice but to obey the rules and policy of the company.

For the long years that I have been waiting for changes to our country, you are now the reason of this letter.

Help me renew the policy and rule of all companies we have in our country by your words and power they’ll follow you the best.

1. ENDO or End of Contractualization

2. Job hiring qualifications: height, age limit, pleasing personality, backers, whom you know not what you know,

3. Change the ambassadors or representatives to the countries like KSA,Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China and even Europe and Canada. We have a lots of human trafficking inside and out in KSA the run-away maids was being sold to the different nationalities before they were deported. They will refused to complain because they were lift no choice just to grab the sex slavery for them to have ticket to fly home and hide themselves to cry.

4. Builled as a monitoring department so that our OFW’s kabayans will be located and rescued any time they were in trouble or not payed by their employers.

5. A one department for us to process our papers such as passports, NSO, NBI, DFA red ribbons etc.

6. One bank for us to remit our remittances to our families.

7. No expiry date of birth certificates.

8. No payments for NBI and POLICE clearances. Just to identify that the person has no crime committed.

9. NCR and Provincial rate must stop. We are suffering for provincial rate but the prizes of our foods in the market were a nationwide prize tags. It’s part of discrimination to our laborers.

10. Cheaper prize of rice and vegetables and poultry products.

11. Cheaper medicines and doctors consultations.

12. The high prize of cooperative electrical power plant.

13. The NC2 and other TESDA requirements for applying abroad. As what I have understood TESDA is for the vocational courses. College is for a degree by a course perspective. So why is it that the teachers the nurses and other degree holders was taking up a basic units of TESDA which is they are graduated into a 4 year course and titled to a Professional degree holder. But still they are required for the TESDA training?

14. Invite more competitors of petrol gas, shipping lines, airlines and tele communications.

I am hoping for the connection of my letter to you Sir will be one of a successful and lively country to our fellow man. Hayaan na natin sila na naninira sayo. Let’s build the new nation.

I am hoping for your affirmative response.

Respectfully yours,
Jake Julz Cortez



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