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The REASON why Duterte INSULTED (and rightly so) Manny V. Pangilinan, one of the country’s richest men. And why you should read this post, so that you can help President Duterte deal with this traitor of a businessman.

What most Filipinos don’t know is that Manny V. Pangilinan, or MVP, is NOT as brilliant a businessman as the Jesuits extol him to be. I have made a post, some months ago, about the fact that MP was able to “build” a business empire, in record time, due to his consenting to be a puppet of Anthoni Salim of Indonesia.

Anthoni Salim’s money was inherited from his late father who was a crony of the Indonesian crooked dictator Suharto. Salim controls many vital Philippine businesses, something that is EXPLICITLY PROHIBITED by the Philippine Constitution. But the previous Presidents just looked the other way, probably due to the fact that what they were looking at was a huge pile of money.

You are making this Indonesian Salim richer when you do the following:

A) When you turn on the light or any electric gadget, for Salim owns MERALCO.

B) When you use your cell phone for Salim controls Smart and Sun, which together has almost 70% of the market.

C) If you live in the western part of greater Manila, in any of its 17 cities and towns, and you turn on the water, for Salim controls Maynilad Water Services, the country’s biggest water concession.

D) When you travel on the expressways, part of the toll you’ll pay goes to Salim, through his Manila North Tollways and Cavitex, which together make up the country’s largest tollway operator that runs 64 percent of the country’s toll roads.

E) If you are rich, or have health insurance, and you get sick you’d be probably treated in one of his six hospitals, which include the most prestigious ones like Cardinal Santos, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s, Asian Hospital in Alabang, etc.

F) When you buy either two of the country’s biggest newspapers, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Daily Inquirer, which Salim controls.

G) When you watch TV-5 programs, for Salim control this too.

H) When you make subscribe to an internet DSL connection or a land phone in Metro Manila and in many key cities in the Philippines, for Salim controls PLDT, Philcom, etc.

You must surely have noticed that the HUGE COMPANIES are companies that are ESSENTIAL to the SECURITY and SAFETY of this country. And yet, the previous governments allowed these to be controlled by a CROOKED FOREIGNER, by the name of Anthoni Salim.

On his part, Ateneo golden boy Manny Pangilinan gets almost ONE MILLION PESOS of salary per day from the parent company, First Pacific.

Add to that the fact that he also gets salaries and directors’ fees in at least 40 of Salim’s firms in the Philippines.

MVP is easily the HIGHEST PAID EXECUTIVE, by far, in the history of this country.

His salaries alone are more than 30 MILLION PESOS a month. HEY, I DID NOT SAY THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER.

Is this guy the heroic investor that the propaganda has tried to portray him to be, or has he betrayed his country by paying his way to getting VITAL INDUSTRIES get controlled by Anthoni Salim?

MVP IS USED TO BOSSING the Presidents before. But when he told Duterte to leave business alone, Duterte immediately replied,

“Just remember, you are only a puppet of the foreign based Salim Group, while I am the elected President of the Republic of the Philippines!”

President Duterte, go for it. Send this treacherous and arrogant violater of the Constitution to jail. The people are behind you.

God bless and protect Your Filipino people.

Article Source: Antonio Santos


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