by Cheryl Pages-Alba

Ok. Let’s be fair.

I can’t really say quit being a sour grape over PRESIDENT Duterte because if Roxas won I would practically be on a nonstop tirade (like, bitter to the utmost levels, for sure!!!)

But the difference would be, and here lies the point of it all, is that Roxas does things for show, while Duterte does things because it’s his job (some people have heightened gaydars, I have awesome fakedars).

You come to the point in your entire existence, just when you are ripe and mature enough as a citizen of this country to ask yourself (I’ve been asking this since Erap won btw):

What the hell have all the past presidents been doing with the Philippines???

And now it’s all crystal clear how one man, a simple and ordinary man, armed only with the most potent power –The power of “love of country”, and be amazed with what this power can do.

And how this magically will make him one of the most extraordinary presidents we will ever have a chance of witnessing.

The names of these drug lords have been common knowledge to us all, but to have no less than our President call them out in public, ommggg who has the guts to ever do that!!!??

I’ve never, ever experienced and truly, madly, deeply can say this out of any of the past presidents of my lifetime– the willing to die, love of country levels.

Next time you wish to be irrelevant by scorning Duterte, try being grateful.

We are all part of the detoxification and cleansing of our country, the same country that we ought to love enough over the pride you feed on.


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