I am not intending this to be a regionalistic war but everyone who will roll their eyes when I will defend Duterte’s poor command of Tagalog as a justification for several controversial statements he made in the past.

I am sorry but that is just pure discrimination.

Majority of the Filipinos do NOT speak Tagalog as a first dialect.

In fact, Cebuano is spoken as a first dialect by majority of the Filipinos. But, Cebuano speakers do not castigate non-Cebuano presidentiables if they fail to speak our language or make mistakes trying to speak it.

However, if a Cebuano speaker makes a mistake on the use of words spoken in Tagalog, many act as if it is a qualification to be tact and sensitive in speaking in Tagalog as if it is a qualification for the presidency.

Tagalog is NOT the official language of the Philipiines as stated in the 1987 Constitution.

FILIPINO is the officical language.

Hindi po sila magkapareho. Tagalog is merely a dialect.

Filipino as a language is a combination of all the major Philippine dialects, Tagalog and Cebuano as its basis.

Kaya nga may words na “da-ut at gi-atay” sa Filipino dictionary kasi hindi lang po Tagalog ang pinulungan sa lengwaheng Filipino.

So the next time you castigate Duterte for not being a very good Tagalog speaker, I will remind the majority of Filipinos who speak Cebuano to insist the presidentiables also talk to us in Cebuano and expect them to speak it because majority of us speak it.

And let us see….

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera, ka mga helas na lang jud aning mga panuway!!!!!



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